JJRR 71 - with JimJim

Top 10 Reinventions for 2020 midyear update - BONUS mediation included - with JimJim

JimJim's top 10 Reinventions for 2020 - mid year update and BONUS meditation. Listen to JJRR 71 as JimJim reviews his top 10 ways he's reinventing himself this year. "It's been such a crazy year with the unexpected Covid-19 that I'm checking in on myself. This episode will grade how I'm doing; if I'm succeeding, failing and need to pivot, or just need to get my butt in gear." And listen to the end to discover a BONUS meditation JimJim has included for the first time. Listen and discover.

05:01s 6 month grading myself on top 10 ways I’m reinventing myself in 2020

07:40s 1) Solo Podcast success

08:55s 2) Growing my hair out success, first ponytail!

12:55s 3) Extended / Slow travel success and pivot

16:15 4) Attend a new conference (business, passion, investing) Fail! Need to pivot online.

17:47s 5) Expand new venture / angel investing success

23:46s 6) Generate a new revenue opportunity – mild success and pivot required

26:21s 7) Recording original music success

30:50s 8) Purging – Simplifying Life success with stereo gear and CDs

34:46s 9) Learn more / expand meditation practice – success, pivot, and get my ass in gear!

40:01s 10) Read / Finish more books – what a fail!! Need to get my ass in gear.

“Listen to the Universe, Find out who you are. Listen and discover.” – JimJim

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