JJRR Ep43 Merch by Amazon - Baller on a budget - Spontaneously speaking - with RJ Macalanda

RJ Macalanda is a Merch by Amazon expert who's been able to ditch corporate life and live out his travel dreams while building a self sustaining t-shirt business online. Listen to Ep43 as RJ describes how he went from 0 to $7000 a month in 3 months leveraging Amazon's eco-system and how spontaneously he found himself presenting with CJ Johnson at this year's Nomad Summit - Las Vegas. A self described "baller on a budget", RJ is now building a MbyA lifestyle community while nomading around the world. #digitalnomad #nomadsummit #kona

Instagram @rj.mac

04:50s Impressions of Kona, Hawaii

06:18s First attending Nomad Summit in 2017

08:40s Growing up and flipping headphones

11:30s Coming from a family with traditional careers

15:20s Researching the opposite from corporate life and dropshipping apps

19:10s Trying different business models and discovering Merch by Amazon

26:40s Diving into Merch and figuring out how to research and market

29:30s Growing sales and having a shirt design catch fire

32:50s Making over $10K a month and becoming a digital nomad

38:32s Meeting CJ Johnson and spontaneously speaking at Nomad Summit Las Vegas

47:32s Leveraging Instagram for trend research

49:52s Collaborating with CJ Johnson and creating community with FB groups

53:45s Digital nomading in Kona, Hawaii for the Ironman Triathlon

56:32s Finding gigs on digital nomad forums on Reddit

1:00:12s Challenge of trying to stay organized and focused while traveling

1:03:42s Staying open minded and realizing change is constant

1:05:401s Being fulfilled with travel and realizing that money is about security / freedom

“Merch by Amazon is the easiest and most simplest business model there is for making money online today. I absolutely believe that.”

“I’m a baller on a budget, you always gotta be cheap with things.”

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