JJRR Ep22 Creating a crypto community - Cryptocurrency consulting - with Trading Wizard Dan Borovik

Click album cover to listen. Dan Borovik is a Trading Wizard and Justin Cohn is a Digital Prophet and both are part of the new Crypto Cleveland Collective that is creating a cryptocurrency community. Listen to episode 22 to hear about how discovering cryptocurrency and investing has, in less than a year, yielded 6 and 7 figure portfolios and spawned a new cryptocurrency / blockchain consulting agency and community. Also, listen to end of episode where Dan and Justin describe their idea for a augmented reality based "smashzone" business they intend to jumpstart with their new profits. #cryptocurrency #blockchain #community

04:30s Banning of all cryptocurrency adds by Facebook

05:32s USI-Tech and Bitconnect – US Government crackdown

09:01s Starting a cryptocurrency community in Cleveland, OH

11:45s Crypto trading wizards and what they do

12:56s Digital prophets and what the do

14:36s Capabilities of the crypto Cleveland collective

16:09s The first Crypto Cleveland live event an Launchhouse

21:12s How to buy Bitcoin / Etherium on Coinbase and alt coins on other exchanges

25:30s How Justin and Dan got started in crypto and what their parents and peers think about it

30:04s Dan and Justin growing up together

36:12s Seva masterminding the collective and plans for the agency side

42:30s Working as a valet, delivering pizzas, Red Cross volunteering

47:53s Seeing the magic of the world - opportunities that present themselves

51:35s Using augmented reality to create Smashzone, to help people destress

“If you make the right type of investment it’s worth a lifetime of labor”

“If someone told me hey you’re not gonna make money, you can’t do this, you’re not gonna learn, well then it was like challenge accepted.”

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“The reality is we’re a sedentary society today and our bodies were not made for that.”

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