JJRR Ep17 Challenges of the independent artist / entrepreneur - Artistic honesty - Moving to NYC

Click album cover to listen. So remember all those International jazz festivals you played while you were in high school? Yea I don't either. But Sam Blakeslee does as he was already soaking in sunny Italy on tour with the Columbus (Ohio) Youth Jazz Orchestra. Sam is a jazz trombonist who's recently relocated to New York City and in episode 17 we dig into the entrepreneurial challenges of being an independent artist and releasing your first CD as a leader. We also discuss what artistic honesty means to Sam and how he made his decision to take on NYC. #jimjimreinventionrevolution #nycjazz #trombone #banffcentre


04:49s Sam’s background in jazz and classical music studies

05:50s Playing international jazz festivals while in high school and college

07:56s The Sam Blakeslee Large Group – a vehicle for original music and arrangements

11:43s Sam’s decision to move to New York City

15:10s Sam’s Facebook rant on new job titles he now holds as an Independent Artist

19:52s How to develop yourself going forward in the digital age

20:45s The struggle of balancing art, technology and marketing

23:19s Artistic honesty and making a market for your musical vision

28:40s The story behind Sam’s quintet album ‘Selected Coverage”

32:08s Learning digital marketing putting out his first CD

35:26s Custom designing music for specific applications or experience

40:13s Attending Banff (Alberta, Canada) International workshop for creative music

49:02s The music and musicians on Sam’s new release “Selected Coverage”s

51:30s Life in New York and playing with your heroes

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