JJRR Ep8 Jazz Entrepreneurship, re-opening a jazz club, and boostrapping with $2000

Have you ever been to jazz club before Noon? Does jamming at 3am in morning count? I've done that before but this was a first for me. In Episode 8 I sit down with Gabe Pollack in the Green Room of the Bop Stop jazz club (now part of the Music School Settlement) that he has recently brought back to life. I had to get there early before suppliers, classes, and eventual sound check interruptions. Listen to how Gabe created his own college major of Jazz Entrepreneurship and how it prepared him to run a club on his own. He's having a great time building out an eclectic vision for the club that combines the Bop Stop's jazz legacy, Cleveland's historic Music School Settlement mission and his own personal artistic point of view. As evidence listen to the end of Episode 8 where Gabe drops an exclusive announcement of a major show coming to the Bop Stop in January 2018. Thanks Gabe for giving JJRR podcast the exclusive! on twitter and instagram

01:15s In the green room, keeping the beer cold

03:00s History of the Bop Stop jazz club

05.30s Donating the Bop Stop to the Music School Settlement

08:15s Getting the keys to a jazz club at age 26

12:00s Bob Conrad sponsors new recording gear for club

13:20s Live at the Bop Stop Blue Note recording with Terrance Blanchard

14:20s Gabe’s background and how he got into music and environmental studies

18:00s Creating a college major called Jazz Entrepreneurship

19:20s Investigating what a sustainable / eco friendly jazz club would look like

22:05s Writing a business plan for a jazz club

24:10s Moving to Cleveland to intern at Nighttown Jazz Club

27:30s Working within a larger organization and incorporating your own vision

29:30s What happens at the club day and night

31:00s Playing general manager and how to develop those skills

32:20s Bootstrapping, starting with only $2000 annual budget

34:10s Learning to bartend from Wikipedia

41:20s Bop Stop neighborhood developing

42.30s The Music Settlement find a westside home

44:54s Shoutout to Cleveland

47:40s How do you promote shows in this digital age

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