JJRR 6 Starting a digital marketing agency in high school - Seva has solutions

I'm really glad I finally got to connect with Seva Dorn recently for Episode 6. It's taken us a couple months to find a time to sit down and record since he's running multiple businesses and has a busy schedule, but that's nothing new for him. He's been into web design, dropshipping and digital marketing since he was 13. Listen to Seva's story of how he was attracted to technology and business at an early age and how today's co-working environment and the digital landscape is presenting new opportunities never imagined

@sev.cle on instagram

2:30s Working with a business partner and when a partner leaves

3:45s Knowing your business partner and growing from the experience

6:30s Benefits of co-working

7:15s Sev Solutions – digital agency / ecommerce solutions

9:15s Opportunities in ecommerce and why JimJim got into podcasting

11:15s Understanding business is long journey

12:15s Getting into web design at 13 years old, wow!

13:13s Interning in Israel

15:00s Interning as a high school student at a co-working space

17:00s Having a CNC machine, 3D printing and robotics at your high school

19:02s Recognizing this historic moment

20:02s Driving for Uber

24:00s Uber Freight Service

25:30s Managing shipping costs for ecommerce

27:00s Posting products on Amazon and Amazon FBA

31:30s How Seva got connected to Launchhouse co-working space

33:04s Entrepreneurship and today’s outlook

38:02s Recognizing opportunity

41:04s Thinking ahead to what’s next, Edibly – food distribution

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