Episode 4 Former music teacher's new law firm is jammin'

Can listening to NPR (or a JJRR podcast for that matter) really change your life? In Tom's case it did. Listen to how Tom's passion for music and desire for more income has lead to a stellar career in law. Check out the end to hear Tom describe how he pictures his role as a lawyer (a painting hanging in his new office). See you at the next gig Tom.

1:55s Tom goes solo to start his own firm.

7.10s Bankruptcy Law History – relegated to small firms

9:15s Bankruptcy law grew with American big business

9:45s Congress amends bankruptcy code, Venture Capital re-capitalization

12:05s Keys to starting Individual practice.

14:30s Tom’s equalizer: His laptop, printer and telephonic hearings.

19:55s Starting your own law firm for around $2000.00

21:30s Value of website content and finding the right consultant for web design

27:15s The (r) evolution of personal law practices in representing major corporations

29:30s The entrepreneurial drive / firm gets respect.

34:30s Rewind to Tom’s music career and becoming a music teacher.

40:12s Corn fields and a marching band

43:04s Listening to NPR, the Baldwin Piano company bankruptcy and inspiration to go into Law

48:03s Finding mentors, the musician learning model.

50:05s Teaching Law at UC for 12 years alongside his mentor

57:00s Connecting with Bria Skonberg to play music.

58:30s Can bankruptcy law researchers be replaced by technology?

1:00:03s Tom describes his visual presentation of the law.

“If you’re a lawyer, you’re really reaching into someone’s life.”

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