Episode 3 Cancer survivor makes her own Public Relations

I know drinking wine in moderation can be good for your health, but can drinking wine actually save your life? Listen to Public Relations rockstar Stacey Vaselaney describe what drove her to discover she had cancer, why she runs her own PR firm, and how non-profit board membership can develop new skills while enriching your life.


1:58s Stacey meets MLB star George Brett

4:15s 2016 MLB World Series recap

5:30s Stacey wants to be a sportscaster

12:20s Press Releases still relevant?

15:30s What is Public Relations?

28:00s A glass of wine and finding out you have CANCER

37:25s Her new firm / Public Relations in digital / social media

40.45s Mommy Bloggers

47:00s Being a non-profit board member, a great place to develop new skills