Episode 2 Innovation, Vision and Self Awareness the KoMotion way

Listen to Joe Kovach describe his journey from international gymnast to technology executive (as-intrapreneur) to entrepreneur where he's helping accelerate startups in the engineering / manufacturing world. (Ken Kovach)

4:50s Release of the first smartphone

5:33s Clayton Christianson and disruptive technology

7:42s Self awareness and learning gymnastics

9:10s Ken Kovach and the Skyriders

12:40s Acrosports Sport Acrobatics and working your butt off.

16:05s Quitting your job

17:45s Mind, body and spirit – balance

21:15s Adrenaline rush as an escape to breakthrough

25.50s Vision, where does it come from

30.58s Peripheral vision and shifting sands

36:25s Working hard to create a great foundation

37:10s Artist, Innovator, Entrepreneur connection

42:20s Innovation within a Corporation

50:10s KoMotion Technologies


“You gotta hang with good people”

“You need to get a whole lot better or find a sport with less competition” – in speaking about his gymnastic coach.


The Innovators Dilemma

Blue Ocean Strategy